This week….

It has been a roller coaster. 

It has been long. 

It’s been noisy. 

It’s been emotional. 

It’s been new. 

It’s been remembering. 

It’s been feeling overwhelmed.

It’s made me feel like I couldn’t catch my breath. 

It’s been a lot.

But it’s also been blessed.

It’s been finding the ray of light in the dark. 

It’s been hopeful. 

It’s been knowing that things can be uncertain sometimes, but understanding and accepting they will be ok. 

It’s been filled with love and prayer. 

It’s been filled with gratitude. 

As I sit here tonight with my husband and our kids, the week has come to a close. 

Tonight we sat under the night sky playing and talking and just being together. 

And tonight, as we are getting ready to go back in for the evening, I sit and listen to the crickets chirp. All the peaceful and quiet night time noises. 

I feel the cool summer night air. 

I see the twinkling of lightning bugs. 

And there is no more noise from the week.

There is a sense of being thankful for my family and the small things. 

Tonight, just for a while, I can catch my breath and just...”be”...and slow down with my family, my whole world.