Not Everyone, But Some

Not everyone makes it. 

Not every one toughs it out. 

Not everyone hangs on to the tiniest shreds of hope when things seems so bad. 

Not everyone remembers that they love their significant other and the reasons why, despite how angry or hurt they are.

Not everyone knows how to forgive, and if they do, not everyone will give it. 

Not everyone will compromise. 

Not everyone puts their love above all else and let’s the rest fall where it may. 

Not everyone builds a solid foundation so that it can’t be broken even when things are beating it down. 

Not everyone can push past the obstacles this world throws in their path. 

Not everyone protects their significant others heart like the precious gift that it is when it was given. 

Not everyone remembers where and why they started their relationship in the first place. 

Not everyone cherishes the life they have built together. 

Not everyone has what it takes to be the real deal. 

But some of us do cherish our life together. 

Some of us do remember where we started and how far we’ve come. We remember exactly why we pursued a relationship. 

Some of us protect the heart we were given and know that ours is protected too. 

Some of us blast through the obstacles that inevitably come and granted, come out on the other side with a few scars, but are stronger for it. 

Some of us build that rock solid foundation from the get go so it can’t be ripped out from under us later. 

Some of us put our love first before all else, knowing that, that’s ok because we are on the same path and what is good for us personally is good for our significant other too. We know it goes both ways. That kind of sacrifice is part of a solid relationship. And it’s what we know they would do for us without question. 

Some of us know what compromise is and it’s easy, most of the time. But even when it’s not we still do it. 

Some of us know nobody is perfect and we forgive that imperfection because we all mess up. 

Some of us know every reason why we love our person. And those reasons have shaped who we are, and we wouldn’t be us without them.

Some of us find the tiniest shred of hope and light when things get dark and hard. We know that life can throw curve balls but we find our way out of the darkness together. 

Some of us tough it out. 

Some of us actually make it in this crazy world we live in. 

Some of us get lucky enough to find and have the real thing. 

I’m so blessed to have found my real deal. I love this life we have built together. Thank you for pushing through it all with me. Every moment is worth it with you. I’m so proud we’ve made it together. Love you C. ❤️