Dear Mama

Dear mama,

I know you are tired. I know you are stressed. And I also know, you know how incredibly blessed you are at the very same time. So that means you don’t dare want to utter a word that says otherwise. But mama, it’s ok to feel many different ways and still know how good your life is. We all get stressed. Some of us more than others. Whether it be financial, too many things on our to do list, worrying if you’re doing it all right while being everything you need to be, to everyone you love and everyone who needs you. It can be overwhelming. It can be tiring. It can make you feel like you can’t catch your breath with the chaos and noise of it all. Whether you are a stay at home mama or a working mama, we all have the same feelings of tired, stressed, overwhelmed, etc. 

But we also see the beauty in it all and know the blessings we have. So mama, it’s ok to feel frustrated. It’s ok to be tired and worry and cry. Just remember those blessings you know you have in those moments and count those instead of drowning in the negative emotions. Let those little blessings that call you mama be the light that sees you through. Don’t forget to remember all the good you have and all the good you do! Because mama, you are doing a good job. You are strong. You are fierce. You are their safe place and their home. You are a multitasker like no other. You are beautiful. You are imperfectly and amazingly perfect. You are full of love and you show it and share it everyday. So give yourself grace mama. Breathe in the little things and little moments. Being mama can sometimes get hectic and crazy, especially this year (2020). We all have new things to worry about and we have to continue to navigate the best we can. And we all will. It’s all going to be ok mama. Just remember, no one can be the mama that you are. So embrace yourself and your emotions. I promise, you have it all under control. See past the chaos and the noise to the wonderful, beautiful mama looking back at you in the mirror. Slow down and catch your breath when you need to recharge. Love on those babies of yours. Spend time with them instead of stressing over all the mess. Messes can be cleaned up later. Messes just mean you are living your lives! And remember mama, you are awesome, and there is no other mama like you! God picked YOU for your kids! And you are perfect for them!