After the Storm

This too, shall pass.

I know right now, a lot of things feel out of control. Things feel scary and like there is no end in sight.

When the darkness rolls in and you can’t find the sun so you can see, be the light. There is light inside of you. Let that light break you out of the darkness.

When you hear thunder rolling and see the lightning crashing, take comfort in knowing that in weathering the storm, you find another, stronger part of yourself you didn’t know.

After all, if we didn’t go through the storms, how would we be able to appreciate the sunshine? Or even the clearest, darkest nights that are lit by the moonlight and twinkling stars? How would we be able to find those pieces of ourselves, we wouldn’t otherwise have?

So let it rain. Let pour. Let it wash over you. Let it cleanse you and all that is around you. The winds of change will blow that storm on through. And when the storm passes, you will see the world around you looks clearer. It looks calm. You can breathe better. And suddenly, that rainbow will appear. God’s promise to you and me. Those beautiful, vibrant colors appear in the sky, giving us hope.

So have grace under fire. Be kind to yourself and those around you. We all weather the storms, sometimes all together, sometimes not. But we all do. And we have to find our light, our calm, to be able to hold on through the storm.

I don’t know who actually wrote what I am about to add to what I’m writing here, but it fits and I love what it says. I saw this on a billboard while visiting New Orleans about five years ago. It looked like someone had typed it on a typewriter, but blew it up for this billboard. So everyone could see. Nothing but these words. And it touched me. I took a picture of it so I wouldn’t forget. It said: “Baby, you are the strongest flower that ever grew, remember that when the weather changes.”

Just remember, no matter what storm you are weathering, you are strong. You are beautiful. You have a light inside to guide you and to share with others. Anytime the storm is raging around you and you feel lost, hold on tight, embrace your strength and the strength from those who love you and remember…this too shall pass.

There is a rainbow after every storm….